Thapas Yoga Life serves as a foundation to guide people towards their health and healing and also to discuss on spirituality.

The founder Uma Venkatachalam has been learning and practicing them interestingly since 1991 and subsequently in mid 2000 decided to make, as her expression of life, a blessing of the Divine and become a full time Yoga teacher and a healer. 

Thapas yoga life has been meeting few thousands of people approaching them for their different ailments , their family issues, emotional disturbances, hiccups in professional growth and also for deeper needs. Thus it is understood that there are two major parts in our lives. 

All our lives have two sides, to put it mildly, one is spiritual and the other is materialistic, Inward and outward.

The materialistic side in one’s life has problems . Those problems can be categorized as three. They are: Health issues, wealth issues, and relationship issues. 

The spiritual side of a person is nothing but peace or no peace. Few of us know, deeply , though we have everything in life to count and tally, yet something is lacking and that is  deeper peace. That sense which cannot be worded through words makes one to seek. Thus the spiritual seeking begins. 

Thapas is founded to be a place for both.  

Health issues are the physical symptoms such as pains in the body, discomfort in the regular performance of the organs, such as insomnia, constipation, wheezing, high or low blood pressure and so on. 

Wealth issues are when someone has issues with the money matters in their lives. This ,could be low earnings, not having a job, business not picking up and so on. 

Relationship issues are usually seen, to have bearing in their professional and health sides too. Relationships at home, with parents, siblings, children, neighbours, colleagues and bosses are addressed.

Emotional issues can be a cause for all the above three categories and they are also attended. 

The ones who need help, may have a personal consultation online and then proceed with appropriate method to come out of their issues at the earliest. For that to happen, we use Yoga therapy, Acupuncture or acupressure , Bach flower remedy , mudras. 

Having said about the materialistic side above, let us see briefly, the other side of our lives, that is crucial and a must have for all- Spiritual side , or spirituality. For those who have an inner seeking, Yoga is used. Yoga is approached as a way of living. It is approached with principles from ancient scriptures, to align ourselves to the Higher and be open to the Higher to flow.