Preventive Yogasana course  , means , as the name suggests , is to prevent our well being. Before our body and mind could get disturbed, distorted or diseased, if one takes Yogasana classes, it shall help them maintain all the good that they already have and also help to prevent the “unwanted” not to get it. Preventive Yogasana course is given both as one to one classes and as small group classes, both in person, as well as online. The duration required is three months or 12 weeks for basic level. Adults of both sex may join from the age of 18 to any age.

The therapeutic Yoga is a method used for people who have any chronic or acute ailments. As yoga helps to build Prana, the life energy and harmony, it gradually removes the pain and other discomforts of any illnesses and bring back good health. A discussion is held with the needy person, who has any physical or emotional , or mental ailment and appropriate sessions are given. It is a gradual progress. We only begin from what a person can do and help them improve gradually, towards betterment  Many times, people who are under regular medications also do choose to take these kind of classes to help them recoup faster with much harmony from within. 

Apart from the persons who have some symptoms, aged persons also do take these kind of one to one , private sessions, to help them move better, to have graceful aging, to be self reliant for their chores , to keep up their internal system to work well, and importantly to do some right actions in taking care of themselves, every day.


Pranayama workshop is a short term classes where Pranayama , a vital tool of Yoga is taught. At Thapas, Pranayama workshops are conducted as three levels. Basic, Level 2 and Level 3. These classes are announced here , at our website and also in our app Thapas. Usually each level is of an hour of training , with one hour of class each day. Persons who learn a level, need to practice that method for 30 days consistently to be eligible to learn the next.  

The science behind Pranayama is briefed and also some classic notes of understanding of Pranayama is shared in these workshops along with practicals. Everyone is observed and enough guidance is given for them to follow and practice. 

You may click here  if you are interested to join and so you will be informed about the next batch.

Chanting course at Thapas is on Upanishads that are of Samskrit language. They carry high energy and there is a specific way to chant , in this tradition and that is taught to those who are interested with personal attention.

This chanting course is used as a tool to bring about quietness within. Chanting needs focus of mind, attention and repetition with appropriate pronunciation and intonation.  There are no pre-requisite needed and the class begins with basic sound and then taken up gradually. 

 These sessions are made up of 12 sessions program, with weekly one class for an hour and thus 12 sessions extent to 3 months period approximately. Subsequently those who finish with 3 months course, continue to learn further new chanting lessons. However, once a year , new batch begins. 

These classes are taught through online and you may click here to register for the course and you will informed as the next beginners course starts. 

Other workshops

Thapas comes with few rare workshops mostly conducted once a year. They are 

  1. UUA- Udale Unnai Aaradhikkiren – Workshop in tamil. Explains about the energy flow and distribution of energy in our body. Food absorption and elimination. How and why one get sick and how to come out of it, in the most natural way. Also it  teaches practical lessons on -How to treat yourself of your pains in the body through acupressure points and avoid medication as much as possible. 
  2. Become your own doctor – Workshop in English- The same subject mentioned above is discussed in English language.    Both No 1 and 2 are of 6 hours program, usually split into two days, with three hours each day.   
  3. Why do we have to learn and practice Yoga tools ( Asana, pranayama , chanting ) – This is another 2 day workshop with 5 hours totally. It contains a deeper science with Trigunas, Pancha bhutas ( 5 elements), triprakruti, koshas and how the Prana flows and how Yoga tools to be used to keep them flow appropriately. 
  4.  Mudras and Chakras- This is 4 hour workshop with the science of 5 elements and chakras. As we have over 100 mudras to show , yet the vital content is to help the participant to make their own mudras as per their requirement that might change from time to time. Hence they are taught to observe their symptoms and make appropriate mudra . Apart from it Chakra lessons help them to have proper flow of energy and enhance their Aura.

If you are interested to participate in any of these workshops and wish us to inform you when it happens, please click here.