How does Flower remedy work?

All alternate medical system works with the principle of Energy. It is the flow of energy that determines our lives.

How receptive are we and how do we channelize them make all the difference to our lives.
Any ailment in the body is an expression of what we have been inside us. Here the word inside means, what are emotions are?


While on the outset we are all good human beings, we still act differently from each other. We respond differently, The same food cooked in the same pot get digested differently to each member of the same family.

Hence our emotional response to every situation we encounter decides our healthy mind and body, which in turn decides our healthy happy life.

To know how we are emotionally we need not probe too deep into our past or psychological factors involved from our childhood. But the present expressions would do.

How do I express myself to people or situation around me, if it is trivial shows what we are inside!

Hence, in choosing the right flower remedy either as single or as combination it is important for the person involved to express well rather than anyone else from the family.

I say this here, because it is always the mother who talks so much about her teenage or even more aged son or daughter, than that son or daughter himself or herself. Then it becomes what she wants out of their lives than what they want for themselves.

For example, I have met and continue to meet so many people who come to me with their teenage child complaining that he or she is not getting enough score in exams and they want that “Study pack”from me. Or parents come to me to get their daughter or son married asap , well in India it is still parents participation in getting an alliance for their children play a vital role.

I was about to give a combination to a girl who did not come with the parent that day for her wedding alliance. But however at the last minute somehow my mind had a trace of doubt and asked her to bring her daughter.

There she came on the appointment day and we talked.

The outcome was, it was the mother who was in a hurry, where as the daughter has just then had a break- up with her previous boyfriend and wanted time to heal. She wanted to study something like MBA and then come back to looking for wedding idea.

She sounded very fair and gave her appropriate combination and also another to calm her mother’s unwanted worry.