Sthiram sukham asanam- Says sage Patanjali in Yoga Sutra.  An action done to establish Sthiram, stability and sukham , ease, comfort is called Asana.  So the physical postures are commonly called as Asana. But in the past two decades many people across world , call it as Yoga, going for Yoga classes , but what they mean is the Asana classes.

Asana is suitable for anyone of any age group. The method should suit the individual. Hence when giving any practice, at Thapas, we consider, their age, sex, location, profession, physical possibility, limitations of movements, availability of duration that they can practice every day, time of the day that they shall practice, ( day , afternoon or evening ), food habits, their emotional state to give appropriate courses.

Also the speciality at Thapas is, to make each class to be complete unto itself and also stand as a preparation to move to next class. Most of the time, there is no repetition of course. Either , any of the Asana, or the method to move to that posture, or the way how we stay in a posture are modified towards improvement.

Also it helps the mind to see life with renewed perceptions as no one knows what is coming in any class. There are no predictable, pre-decided classes. WE all enjoy the surprises the classes have, to learn something new about our ownself.

Greater details are to be shared with future contents in our website.

However, you may join to experience it by yourself and for that interest, please Click here , to register for a course and also stay subscribed to get updates from the site.


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