At Thapas, we teach Upanishad and Vedic chanting as one of the tools to live a Yoga way. The traditional chanting has a beautiful rthym in it that builds harmony. The chanting has specific method to sounds that reverberates the energy and enhances the Aura. Sound travels in space and thus to cleanse the space inside and around Chanting is very useful.

The traditional chanting has certain specifications which , no one has the right ( Athikaram,Arukatha)or qualified to change them at all. Hence, for generations it is chanted in the same way. Sweetly, it has been producing positive results to all.

To understand this, we can feel the vibration at temples of India. Temple is a place where people go to worship. It stands as a place where people forget their fear, jealous, and anxiety and other negative states. That is because, the place has become sanctum sanctorum with prolonged period of chanting happening there, regularly. The sacred sounds that cleanse the place and the minds of people who visit there.

Every chanting has a power on which, it is chanted . There are chanting to get the blessings of the elements, to clean our organs, and parts of body, to invoke upon any deity , to worship for the blessings of the Sun and the moon and so on.  The words are coined in such a way, that they carry the energy in them to make this possible.

One need to experience it to believe it. For that one may join with no pre-requisite at any age.

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